How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile in 7 Easy Steps

When it comes to building a personal brand, having a complete and optimized LinkedIn profile is beyond important. Think of it as your own personal website where you can effectively showcase your skills and expertise to your potential leads.

LinkedIn has over 590 million professionals, making it a valuable tool for job search and networking with like-minded business people. In fact, it is usually the first place recruiters and new business contacts go to evaluate candidates.

With a professional-looking LinkedIn profile, you’ll stand a good chance of connecting with the people you want to do business with.

Here are 7 easy ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile and attract new leads.

Add a background image

Neil Patel Linkedin
Neil Patel – Marketing Guru utilizes an eye catching background image, professional photo and tag line

LinkedIn has shifted its focus to more visual content on the site. To take advantage, you can add a background image to your profile. A nice-looking background image makes your page more distinct and appealing. However, we suggest adding a unique image that represents your brand or business. Let the visitor to your profile get a quick understanding of how professional you are and branded.

Add a professional-looking profile picture

Believe it or not, a profile photo makes your page seven times more likely to be found in search. It also adds credibility to your account and establishes trust.

Include a compelling tagline

Your tagline is one of the first things recruiter or potential client sees when they land on your LinkedIn page. The goal is to create a catchy tagline that grabs their attention and urges them to visit your profile. Your tagline should briefly describe your area(s) of expertise and the value you bring and must be targeted and to-the-point. Also, remember to include relevant keywords in your tagline. Again, the goal is profile optimization!

Add an optimized brief summary

Writing a LinkedIn summary probably isn’t at the top of your list, but it is prime real estate for your professional brand. Here, you can tell the story you want to tell. But don’t forget to add some relevant information about yourself, work experience, and skills and expertise. If you have a blog or website, use it to support your claims.

Include job descriptions and educational background

This area doesn’t always require you to get overly creative, but you need to be accurate in your descriptions so recruiters and business contacts can actually find you. Make sure to briefly describe your roles and responsibilities in the company as well as any relevant links. We suggest adding at least two past job positions and your educational background. Doing that will help build trust.

Add videos and photos

Adding videos and photos from webinars or events, or links to your articles to your LinkedIn page enhances its overall look and feel and gives your personal brand an extra boost.

Add skills

Linkedin Skills & Endorsements
Showcase Your Skills & Optimize LinkedIn

Do you know anyone who values your products, skills or expertise? List at least one of them to your profile to add trust and credibility. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your connections are ready to endorse you.


Having a complete and optimized LinkedIn profile is always important when developing your personal brand. Make sure to follow the steps above to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level.

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