LinkedIn Automation For Lead Generation

Save up to 4 hours per day, close more deals & wave hello to productivity!

1. Target Prospects By Location, Keyword or Industry

Our LinkedIn growth software allows you to target potential leads based on the following features: Filter by job title, company they work for, location, experience, keywords and more. There are no limits to honing in on your market.

2. Let the Software Send Invites & Messages

The most time consuming part of prospecting is engaging with your clients and finding more. Once you’ve set your targeting, be sure to include a message and we’ll start sending the invites. We send close to 50 per day while staying well under the LinkedIn invite limits.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, with Prospect Wave's LinkedIn Solutions!

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Our Key Features

Automated engagement works behind the scenes so you can focus on your
business, while we focus on growing your business.

Automated Messaging & Connecting

Cold emails are for the ice ages. Connecting and chatting is the only way to strike up authentic conversations by utilizing LinkedIn. Setup strategic targeting and connect with the right prospects. Strike up a conversation that generates sales and hot leads.


Build & Export Leads

Targeting with Prospect Wave is simple. Search for potential connections by title, position, company and more. Long are the days of clicking, copying and pasting for hours on LinkedIn. Harness the power of automation and start building hot leads that integrate and sync directly to your existing CRM.


Verify Prospects & Confirm Emails

Pull in each connection you’ve made and verify their email address and take those hot leads you’ve made on LinkedIn and turn them into gold. You can export all that data and integrate it into your current CRM. We also allow you to import other emails to be verified. Upload your file in the dashboard and watch it being enriched with the email validations.


Analytic Reports & Growth Statistics

Whether you want to use the platform to build up your team, your client roster, or increase brand awareness, you can do it. With our in house analytics you’ll be able to track how your growth campaigns are going and make tweaks along the way.

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How Prospect Wave Works:

Prospecting the right way creates a pipeline full of potential customers.

Connect Your LinkedIn AccountOnce signed up, the next step will be connecting your LinkedIn account on your Prospect Wave Dashboard.
Set Up Your Filters & Automated MessagesOnce connected, you'll need to set up your prospect targeting filters as well as your auto messages inside your Prospect Wave dashboard.
Follow Up With New ConnectionsYou can choose to interact with your new connections through LinkedIn or you can export your new contacts into 3rd party apps such as Mailchimp or SalesForce.

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